SEPAC is the political arm of the Wisconsin State Employees Union and was first charged with its responsibilities in April of 1998.

SEPAC serves as the public policy and political strategy advisory body of AFSCME Council 24 and its affiliated locals.

AFSCME Council 24 determines the composition of SEPAC. The president of Council 24 appoints the members of the committee from among members of the Council 24 Executive Board, affiliated locals and affiliated retirees. The Executive Board confirms the president's appointments.

The funds disbursed by SEPAC are collected by mechanisms approved by the Council 24 Executive Board.

SEPAC assist's Council 24 in the development of priority issues, public policy initiatives, membership education and political strategy.

SEPAC evaluates candidates for statewide office and candidates for legislative office in areas where no local has conducted interviews. AFSCME Council 24 is guided by the endorsements of the AFSCME PEOPLE Program relating to federal elections.

AFSCME Council 24 with the assistance of SEPAC encourages its membership to support the AFSCME PEOPLE Program. Many members of AFSCME Council 24 contribute financially to the AFSCME PEOPLE Program through a direct payroll deduction.

AFSCME Council 24 is not affiliated with the Wisconsin PEOPLE Program. SEPAC has built a partnership with the Wisconsin PEOPLE Program and works in a cooperative fashion on mutual political endorsements and other mutual political and/or legislative initiatives.